Moving toward unified communications:Pave the way for the future with Adobe® Acrobat® Connect™ Pro 7.5

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Executive Summary

The Unified Communication (UC) vision will benefit marketing professionals by making it easier to communicate, collaborate and provide rich interactive experiences for their customers and prospects. Companies should invest in technologies today that will lay the groundwork for the UC vision in the future. Adobe is committed to this vision and providing open, standard-based and customizable technologies, like Connect Pro web conferencing. Connect Pro Universal Voice represents a step forward towards UC.

This paper describes how Adobe sees the UC technology developing, and how you can start taking advantage of the benefits today in regards to web conferencing. Share this paper with your IT departments.

  • UC will make it possible to integrate high quality audio, video, and data interactivity, live or recorded to a large group without latency
  • Universal Voice paves the way for the future of UC.
  • Marketers have the complete freedom to choose their own audio provider, switch providers, or even use multiple audio providers as needs change.
  • Meeting participates can listen to audio conferences from within the Connect Pro web meeting or seminar without using a telephone you can reach a wider audience without increasing audio conference costs. Stream telephone base audio to VoIP participants.
  • Record telephone based along with your conference with ease.

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