Multi-Level Steganography: Improving Hidden Communication in Networks

The paper presents Multi-Level Steganography (MLS), which defines a new concept for hidden communication in telecommunication networks. In MLS, at least two steganographic methods are utilised simultaneously, in such a way that one method (called the upper-level) serves as a carrier for the second one (called the lower-level). Such a relationship between two (or more) information hiding solutions has several potential benefits. The most important is that the lower-level method steganographic bandwidth can be utilised to make the steganogram unreadable even after the detection of the upper-level method: e.g., it can carry a cryptographic key that deciphers the steganogram carried by the upper-level one. It can also be used to provide the steganogram with integrity.

Provided by: Warsaw University of Technology Topic: Security Date Added: Jan 2011 Format: PDF

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