MyProLang - My Programming Language: A Template-Driven Automatic Natural Programming Language

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Executive Summary

Are modern programming languages governed unlike natural languages? Are their complex syntactic rules governed? Yes, states the paper. And that it requires a lot of manual work, training and practice to become skilled enough to write programs correctly. The paper states computer programming being difficult, unfamiliar, complicated, non-automated and challenging for anyone and particularly so for students and new users. It proposes a new solution: a new language along with a new environment. One that would open the world of programming to everyone and facilitate the writing of source-code generation based computer applications. The proposal is MyProLang: a template-driven automatic natural imperative language. MyProLang: a language that is mix of five elements, grammatical rules that are unsophisticated, expressive syntax and templates that automate instruction generation and minimize time taken for learning and training. The language will have an NLG engine for generating natural instructions and a source-to-source compiler for analyzing, parsing and building executables, and, other features. The paper suggests harnessing GUI templates for the generation of natural language source-code that is proprietary. The paper concludes that over the long run, MyProLang could improve productivity, development time and quality. It suggests that future research could enhance MyProLang making it international enough to support additional natural languages. It also suggests that the language could benefit from reusable programming libraries and OOP capabilities.

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