NAS or iSCSI Selecting a Storage System

Worldwide, over 50 petabytes (5 x 1016 bytes) of data are generated every day that have to be safely stored, economically managed, and quickly and efficiently made available to applications and users when required. In 2004, this steadily expanding data volume amounted to 1.5 exabytes (1.5 x 1018 bytes) - and it is still growing. One storage heavyweight, for example, is the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) in the USA, which stores approximately one petabyte of data on hard drives and archives another six petabytes on tape. Another example is the Deutsches Elektronensynchrotron (DESY) in Hamburg (Germany), which generates 100 terabytes of raw data in each experiment. But also in everyday work, hundreds of terabytes of storage volume are generated.

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