Near Optimum Power Control and Precoding under Fairness Constraints in Network MIMO Systems

Date Added: Oct 2009
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The authors consider the problem of setting the uplink SIgnal-to-Noise-and-Interference (SINR) target and allocating transmit powers for mobile stations in multicell spatial multiplexing wireless systems. Their aim is twofold: to evaluate the potential of such mechanisms in network Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) systems, and to develop scalable numerical schemes that allow real-time near-optimal resource allocation across multiple sites. They formulate two versions of the SINR target and power allocation problem: one for maximizing the sum rate subject to power constraints, and one for minimizing the total power needed to meet a sum-rate target. To evaluate the potential of their approach, they perform a semianalytical study in Mathematica using the augmented Lagrangian penalty function method.