Neighbor Discovery in Wireless Networks With Sectored Antennas

Directional antennas offer many potential advantages for wireless networks such as increased network capacity, extended transmission range and reduced energy consumption. Exploiting these advantages requires new protocols and mechanisms at various communication layers to intelligently control the directional antenna system. With directional antennas, many trivial mechanisms, such as neighbor discovery, become challenging since communicating parties must agree on where and when to point their directional beams to communicate. In this paper, the authors propose a fully directional neighbor discovery protocol called Sectored-Antenna Neighbor Discovery (SAND) protocol. SAND is designed for sectored-antennas, a low-cost and simple realization of directional antennas, that utilize multiple limited beamwidth antennas.

Provided by: Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers Topic: Mobility Date Added: Apr 2011 Format: PDF

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