Netscope: Practical Network Loss Tomography

Date Added: Dec 2009
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The authors present Netscope, a tomographic technique that infers the loss rates of network links from unicast end-to-end measurements. Netscope uses a novel combination of first- and second-order moments of end-to-end measurements to identify and characterize the links that cannot be (accurately) characterized through existing practical tomographic techniques. Using both analytical and experimental tools, they show that Netscope enables scalable, accurate link-loss inference: in a simulation scenario involving 4000 links, 20% of them lossy, Netscope correctly identifies 94% of the lossy links with a false positive rate of 16% - a significant improvement over the existing alternatives. Netscope is robust in the sense that it requires no parameter tuning, moreover its advantage over the alternatives widens when the number of lossy links increases.