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Nettop Platform for 2008: System Design

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Executive Summary

Nettops are a new generation of computers, belonging to a group of low-cost PCs running on Intel processors. They are aimed at mature and emerging market segments whose computing needs and price points require focused and targeted system solutions. Nettops are a simplified version of the regular desktop configured to run less demanding applications with a small form-factor ideal for young kids and designed to be energy efficient and affordable to first time users. This paper provides a guideline for building a nettop platform for the worldwide sub-entry market segment using the Intel Desktop Board D945GCLF with the Intel Atom processor 200 series. This low cost platform is a simplified PC at sub entry system price and is an affordable system for a full PC solution capable of delivering the essential usages for consumers, SMBs, and educational institutions. It uses standard PC building blocks that are available in high volume and sustainable quantities with a small form factor capability. It is validated with many builds of operating systems which include Mandriva, Red Hat, Ubuntu, and Red. This document consolidates architectural requirements and specifications for delivering a low cost client platform, targeting an audience that includes OEMs, platform designers and integrators seeking guidance on low cost platforms, as well as ingredient suppliers for use in low cost platforms. The capabilities enabled by nettops include basic and essential computing, connectivity, learning and education and ease of use.

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