Network-Aware Applications in Wireless Networks

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Executive Summary

At present, the biggest challenge to existing wireless networks are the rapidly changing operating contexts, which often lead to situations where application adaptations are a must. If the network does not adapt to the variations, the performance of the same may be impacted. To explain the context, two examples of application adaptation in two different wireless network environments have been discussed in the paper. Networks sensitive to the updates often adjust to the resource demands in response to network performance variations. Bolligers description and other related research state two aspects that are directly associated with network aware applications. One is the ability to monitor or get information from network monitors about current status of the underlying network (network awareness). The other is the ability to adjust their behavior based on the collected information (network adaptation). As a wireless node can experience rapid and large-scale changes in bandwidth availability that directly impacts its performance, the supporting wireless applications require the facilities to cope with the typical patterns of connectivity that characterize them. To further the observation, the paper describes two examples to application adaptation in two different wireless environments - Vehicular Networks and Enterprise Wireless Networks.

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