Network Monitoring Tool to Identify Malware Infected Computers

These days most of the Organizational Networks are facing a critical problem. Lately there has been a lot of increase in Malwares such as worms, adwares, spywares etc., which get installed on the user's PC and generate Network and Internet traffic without the user's knowledge i.e. in the background. As a result, the overall utilization of the network, specially the Internet link, gets drastically minimized due to this unwanted traffic. This tool monitors the network traffic and identifies all the (active) computers on the network which are infected with any kind of Malware. It provides the IP Address, MAC Address and type of infection for the identified hosts. There may be some hosts for which may it not be able to provide information on the type of infection, but it is able to identify them.

Provided by: Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur Topic: Networking Date Added: Aug 2006 Format: PDF

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