Network Routing Application Programmer's Interface (API) and Walk Through 9.0.1

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Executive Summary

SCADDS data diffusion (at USC/ISI) and DRP (at MIT/LL) are both based on the core concept of subject-based routing. Although there are some fundamental differences between these approaches, authors believe that both can be accommodated with the same Network Routing API. An earlier version of this API was used by both network routing approaches, and was co-authored by Dan Coffin and Dan Van Hook {dcoffin,dvanhook} This version of this paper describes the current API as used by the SCADDS implementation. In addition to the Publish/Subscribe API, authors introduce the Filter API in order to better support in-network processing (e.g. caching/aggregation/mobile code) as well as the Timer API, which allows support for event-driven applications.

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