Network Security: Policies and Guidelines for Effective Network Management

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In order to maintain the integrity of a system or network, protect its data and immediate environment, network security and management in Information and Computer Technology (ICT) plays a crucial role. With the growing need of computers in each and every field be it banking, insurance, hospital, education, manufacturing, etc and with various innovations and uses to which a network is being put through, it is becoming difficult for organizations to manage and protect their network security. In addition, it has also been noticed that with the extensive use of computer systems, incidents related to crime and insecurity have also increased by a large number globally. The remarkable benefits brought about by Internet have also widened the scope of crime and insecurity at an unbelievable rate. With the amount of security related incidents increasing at a large number over the past few years, many institutions/organizations have come with effective and convenient way of interacting with each other across the globe. ICT is one such company that has been providing issues related to the same. But with most of the organizations depending on ICT for business transaction a growing number of security threats and attacks on poorly managed and secured networks primarily to steal personal data, particularly financial information and password have been noticed. This paper brings forward some of the policies and guidelines that should be followed by network administrators department of every organization in order to ensure effective network management and security of ICT facilities and data.