Non-Data-Aided Weighted Non-Coherent Receiver for IR-UWB PPM Signals

Date Added: Jun 2010
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This paper proposes an energy-detection-based Non-Data Aided Weighted Non-Coherent Receiver (NDA-WNCR) scheme for Impulse Radio Ultra-WideBand (IR-UWB) pulse-position modulated signals. Compared to the conventional WNCR, the optimal weights of the proposed NDA-WNCR are tremendously simplified as the maximum eigenvector of the IRUWB signal energy sample autocorrelation matrix. The NDAWNCR serves to blindly obtain the optimal weights and entirely circumvent the transmission of training symbols or channel estimation in practice. Analysis and simulation results verify that the Bit Error Rate (BER) performance of the NDAWNCR closely approaches the ideal BER of the conventional WNCRs.