Non-Pairing Self-Generated-Certificate in Online Beneficiaries Fund Transfer

Self-Generated-Certificate Public Key Cryptosystem (SGC-PKC), a new paradigm of PKC, combines the merits of the traditional PKC and Certificateless PKC. The goal is to bind the identity and the public key, the certificate verification is done only with sender's public key and identity, that way SGC-PKC never required the trusted third party. The appealing features of SGC-PKC includes providing implicit certification, overcoming key escrow problem, capturing DoD attack and also does not require trusted authority, rooted its emergence and importance in the area of PKC. Implementation of SGC-PKC is done by use of pairing and non-pairing computational techniques. Pairing based SGC-PKC involves several magnitudes of computation, which slows down the encryption process by using large size public keys. Thus, makes non-pairing based implementation more efficient.

Provided by: EuroJournals Topic: Security Date Added: Dec 2010 Format: PDF

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