NonStop Servlets for JavaServer Pages

Date Added: Aug 2009
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Non Stop Servlets for JavaServer Pages (NSJSP) is a container that runs Java Servlets and JavaServer Pages (JSPs), which are platform-independent server-side programs that programmatically extend the functionality of web-based applications by providing dynamic content from a web server to a client browser over the HTTP protocol. Non Stop Servlets for JavaServer Pages (NSJSP) are the popular JSP/Servlet container available on NonStop operating systems. While NSJSP provides a standards-based environment for hosting user applications (Servlet/JSP applications), it provides some uncommon advantages like linear scalability, fault tolerance, load balancing. Basically, good understanding of the architecture of NSJSP and how it integrates with the iTP WebServer is necessary to understand the various configuration parameters. Although NSJSP 5.0 and NSJSP 6.0 exhibit similar behaviour, they are different in terms of configuration and the internal working of the two versions. Apache Tomcat from the Apache Software Foundation is a popular Java Servlets and JavaServer Pages (JSP) container. By default, the Apache Tomcat functions both as a Servlet / JSP container and as a web server. The functioning as a web server is enabled by a Connector component and the Servlets and JSPs are processed by the Container component part of Apache Tomcat. The Connector component is named Coyote and the Servlet/JSP Container component is named Catalina. SessionBasedLoadBalancing can be controlled per Web application. Although the command line parameter, SessionBasedLoadBalancing applies to the entire process (an instance of NSJSP) the value is interpreted differently by different session managers.