OCSA: An Algorithm for Burst Mapping in IEEE 802.16e Mobile WiMAX Networks1,2

Date Added: Oct 2009
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Most of IEEE 802.16e resource allocation proposals only focus on how to allocate the resources to meet QoS parameters such as throughput, delay, and delay-jitter. As described in the standard, the mapping from the allocation into downlink subframe for each burst needs to be in a rectangular shape. The rectangular mapping problem is a variation of a bin or strip packing problem, which is known to be NP complete. However, the mapping decision needs to be made within a few milliseconds for each Mobile WiMAX frame. In this paper, the authors introduce a heuristic algorithm, called One Column Striping with non-increasing Area first mapping (OCSA). The algorithm is fast and simple to implement and minimizes the unused slots in the frame.