On Centralized Scheduling and Channel Assignment Scheme for WiMAX Mesh Networks

Date Added: Aug 2009
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WiMAX provides a mechanism for creating Multihop mesh, which can be deployed as high speed wide-area wireless network. Because multiple-access interference is a major limiting factor for the WiMAX mesh network, Multi-channel transmission can eliminate the interference and improve the throughput of the network. The efficiency of Multi-channel transmission can be affected by the scheduling and channel assignment algorithm. To reap the full performance potential of WiMAX architecture, the paper proposes a new combined centralized scheduling and channel assignment algorithm called ALS-DSATUR (Active Link Scheduling-Degree of SATURation) for use in a Multichannel Single-transceiver WiMAX mesh network. the proposed scheme can reduce the length of scheduling, particularly for insufficient channels with high network node density, and considerably improve the base station's aggregate throughput to improved mobile management effacy.