On Combining Multi-Layer Performance Information to Improve QoT Awareness in Probe-Based IRWA Schemes

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Executive Summary

Probe-based IRWA schemes achieve lower blocking than non-probe-based IRWA and can be easily implemented in GMPLS using a signalling- or a routing-based approach. However, probe-based IRWA schemes present a drawback: since their QoT estimation is none or very simple, they rely on the accuracy of the measured QoT to decide on the goodness of a lightpath. The key issue here is that optical-layer performance information does not have a univocal relation with digital parameters such as the bit error rate, which may result in QoT measurements based on optical-layer information in probe-based IRWA leading to too pessimistic or too optimistic setup decisions. Besides, optical-layer monitoring may not be available everywhere in the network.

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