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On Privacy and Function

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The Function Result Cache can be used to recover data from tables with specified access control through Oracle Virtual Private Database 11g (Oracle VDP). Oracle VDP is used to restrict the rows in the tables that can be seen by others. The parameter list of the function need to be changed in order to make sure that the correct data is returned by Function Result Cache. Various problems of using Function Result Cache with Oracle VDP-controlled tables with solutions are all mentioned here. It also describes an Oracle Database 11g Release 2 enhancement for Function Result Cache that makes the result cache management easier. With the help of RELIES_ON clause, the result cache automatically determines the set of tables on which the cache depends. Security or access policies for SQL operations are defined when Oracle VDP is used in application. Oracle database automatically adds these policies in the form of WHERE clause that restricts the rows to be changed in the table. Function Result Cache is designed to reduce the time for querying data to the application. When a result-cache-enabled function is called, Oracle Database verifies to see if a call to the function with matching input values has been implemented. It should not be used with functions that queries the contents of a table on which Oracle VDP policies are defined.