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On the Accuracy of RFID-Based Localization in a Mobile Wireless Network Testbed

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Executive Summary

The extensive recent research in protocols development for wireless networks must be complemented with simple yet efficient prototyping and evaluation mechanism. MiNT-2 is a miniaturized multi-hop wireless network testbed that addresses this challenge by combining the benefits of existing protocol evaluations strategies: simulations and custom built large scale wireless network testbeds. A key component of MiNT-2 is the ability of testbed nodes to move around in the testbed space, whether to reconfigure the network topology or to emulate node mobility patterns. Consequently, one needs to devise accurate mechanisms for node localization - the ability of a node to be aware of its exact location in the testbed space. This paper presents the details of the current RFID-based node localization mechanism in MiNT-2.

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