On the Detection of Signaling DoS Attacks on 3G/WiMax Wireless Networks

Date Added: Apr 2009
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Third Generation (3G) wireless networks based on the CDMA2000 and UMTS standards are now increasingly being deployed throughout the world. Because of their complex signaling and relatively limited bandwidth, these 3G networks are generally more vulnerable than their wireline counterparts, thus making them fertile ground for new attacks. In this paper, authors identify and study a novel Denial of Service (DoS) attack, called signaling attack, that exploits the unique vulnerabilities of the signaling/control plane in 3G wireless networks. Using simulations driven by real traces, they are able to demonstrate the impact of a signaling attack. Specifically, authors show how a well-timed low-volume signaling attack can potentially overload the control plane and detrimentally a ect the key elements in a 3G wireless infrastructure.