On the Performance of Closed-Loop Transmit Diversity With Noisy Channel Estimates and Finite-Depth Interleaved Convolutional Codes

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Executive Summary

In this paper, closed-form expressions for the uncoded bit error probability of Closed-Loop Transmit Diversity (CLTD) algorithms with two transmit and one receive antennas and noisy Channel State Information (CSI) in time-varying Rayleigh fading channels are derived. Two CLTD algorithms considered are the Phase-Amplitude CLTD (PA-CLTD), where the transmit antennas may transmit with different signal energy, and the Phase-Only CLTD (PO-CLTD), where the transmit antennas must transmit with the same signal energy. In addition to the uncoded bit error probability, this paper also derives the pair-wise error probability when finite-depth interleaved convolutional codes are used with CLTD algorithms. However, due to the complexity of the coded system, the pair-wise error probabilities are not in the closed-form expressions.

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