On the Performance of Concatenated Convolutional Code and Alamouti Space-Time Code With Noisy Channel Estimates and Finite-Depth Interleaving

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In this paper, performance of the Alamouti Space-Time Code (STC) and performance of the concatenation between the convolutional code and the Alamouti STC are derived. In order to describe realistic performance issues, the authors assume that the channel estimates are calculated from linear filters using noisy pilot symbols. They also assume non-quasistatic channels, spatially correlated transmit antennas and finite-depth interleaving. Two types of receivers are investigated for the Alamouti STC, namely, the Linear-Combining Space-Time Decoder (LC-STD) and the Maximum-Likelihood Space-Time Decoder (MLSTD). Two types of receivers are investigated for the concatenated system, namely, the LC-STD with the ML convolutional decoder and the joint Alamouti and convolutional ML decoder.