Online Adaptive Fault Tolerant Based Feedback Control Scheduling Algorithm for Multiprocessor Embedded Systems

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Since some years ago, use of Feedback Control Scheduling Algorithm (FCSA) in the control scheduling co-design of multiprocessor embedded system has increased. FCSA provides Quality of Service (QoS) in terms of overall system performance and resource allocation in open and unpredictable environment. FCSA uses quality control feedback loop to keep CPU utilization under desired unitization bound by avoiding overloading and deadline miss ratio. Integrated Fault Tolerance (FT) based FCSA design methodology guarantees that the Safety Critical (SC) tasks will meet their deadlines in the presence of faults. However, current FCSA design model does not provide the optimal solution with dynamic load fluctuation. This paper presented a novel methodology of designing an online adaptive fault tolerant based feedback control algorithm for multiprocessor embedded systems.