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Online PC Backup : Key Criteria in Selecting an Enterprise Solution

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Executive Summary

According to an IDC research, it is important to centrally protect and secure laptops and desktops as corporate information assets. But this will require increased spending on online PC backup services. This research studies the need for laptop and desktop data protection and the primary things one should look at when evaluating enterprise-level online PC backup solutions. Earlier, when it came to data protection for laptop and desktop assets, resource-constrained IT companies would depend on end users to copy data to network shares. The other solution would be making use of folder-level synchronization between a user's local files/directories and a centralized file server. Few organisations invested in centralized backup processes to protect user data. This paper monitors the change in thought towards more concern for data protection as business units and C-level executives begin to ask IT organizations to take on the protection and recovery of increasingly distributed data in a more consistent manner, where data is centralized and can be recovered easily. Iron Mountain has been considered as a leader in the online backup market and serves small to large enterprise accounts with a PC backup solution. The paper looks at Iron Mountain's Connected Backup for PC solution that reduced risk of logical or physical data loss that could be related to LAN or WAN. While backup is done in the background, it is easily accessible to users. For recovery of data, a secure web portal can be used to pull down select files or an entire system.

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