Opportunities for Concurrent Dynamic Analysis With Explicit Inter-Core Communication

Multicore is now the dominant processor trend, and the number of cores is rapidly increasing. The paradigm shift to multicore forces the redesign of the software stack, which includes dynamic analysis. Dynamic analyses provide rich features to software in various areas, such as debugging, testing, optimization, and security. However, these techniques often suffer from excessive overhead, which make it less practical. Previously, this overhead has been overcome by improved processor performance as each generation gets faster, but the performance requirements of dynamic analyses in the multicore era cannot be fulfilled without redesigning for parallelism. Scalable design of dynamic analysis is a challenging problem. Not only must the analysis itself must be parallel, but the analysis must also be decoupled from the application and run concurrently.

Provided by: Association for Computing Machinery Topic: Data Centers Date Added: Jun 2010 Format: PDF

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