Optimal Designs With Ultra-Wide-Band for MIMO Channels in Statistical Models

Date Added: Jul 2009
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It is well-known that the third generation partnership projects spatial channel model is a stochastic channel model for MIMO systems and multi-antenna-based Multi-Input Multi-Output (MIMO) communications become the next revolution in wireless data communications. MIMO has gone through the adoption curve for commercial wireless systems to the today's situation, all high throughput commercial standards, i.e. WiMax, Wi-Fi, cellular, etc., have adopted MIMO as part of the optional. This paper is to present the authors' investigations of the behaviors of the MIMO Ultra-Wide-Band-Impulse Radio (UWB-IR) systems, which will contribute to optimal designs for the low-power high-speed data communication over unlicensed bandwidth spanning several GHz, such as IEEE 802.15 families.