Optimized Associativity-Based Threshold Routing for Mobile AdHoc Networks

Date Added: Jan 2010
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This paper proposes an Optimized Associativity-Based Threshold Routing (OABTR) protocol for ad hoc mobile networks with excessive traffic. An Associativity-based routing scheme is implemented, wherein a route is selected based on nodes having associativity-states that imply periods of spatial, temporal, connection and signal stability. The routes are selected based on their lifetime and hence there is no need to restart frequently, resulting in higher attainable throughput. This protocol is based on source-initiated on-demand routing. Here the multi-point relays are used to calculate the route towards any destination in the network. The protocol is particularly suitable to the large dense networks with high nodal mobility and topological changes. Multi-point relays are selected among the one hop neighbors with "Symmetric" i.e. bidirectional link.