Optimized Multicast Service Management in a Mobile WiMAX TV System

Date Added: May 2009
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WiMAX technology is a good candidate to provide broadcast TV services for mobile users because it supports QoS based multicasting functionality. To provide multicast-based TV services over the mobile WiMAX network, a multicast session setup involves both MAC-layer and IP-layer multicast management. However, in mobile environment, IP-layer multicast management entails service interruption due to unreliable wireless transmission, and disrupts mobile terminal's power-saving mode. In this paper, the authors propose a cross-layer multicast service management scheme that can not only avoid the service interruption and power-saving mode disruption but also reduce the bandwidth consumption for IP-layer multicast signaling. Simulation results demonstrate that the scheme can eliminate the unnecessary power consumption caused by IP-layer multicast signaling, and improve the wireless uplink throughput as well.