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Optimizing Your Data Center Using Microsoft System Center

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Executive Summary

As the demands from the businesses is increasing at a fast rate, IT organizations are forced to look for new strategies that can be more efficient in managing their data centers and in meeting the changing needs of the businesses. Business are looking for data centers that have the capacity to adapt to technology changes, meet increased service levels for uptime and responsiveness of systems and applications, ensure regulatory compliance, and optimize limited resources that too without increasing the costs and without increasing the complexity of the data centers. IT organizations, in the past have come up with solutions like server consolidation and green IT practices to meet the requirements of the data center for businesses. But these were not much appreciated as they contributed to the complexity of the IT environment. Another challenge that IT organizations faced were that they needed data center managers that could offer interconnected, cross-platform applications and systems for organizations with heterogeneous platforms. This paper examines how Microsoft System Center data center management solutions help IT organizations reduce costs while helping meet the needs of the business, regulators, and end customers. The Microsoft System Center Server Management Suite Enterprise is a cost-effective way solution for Optimizing a Data Center. These solutions help data center managers reduce costs, optimize resources, keep critical business processes up and running, and prepare the data center for future demands.

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