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Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud: X2-2 Hardware Overview

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Executive Summary

The need for enterprise IT organizations to provide next-generation cloud features such as elastic capacity while meeting ever more demanding performance and reliability requirements is driving demand for a new approach to infrastructure. Whether workloads are Web-based or thick-client, whether data-intensive or processing-intensive, whether homogeneous or highly heterogeneous, the key to success is hardware and software engineered together for performance, reliability, and scale. Building or using custom, special purpose systems for different applications is wasteful and expensive. Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud, the world's first and only integrated middleware machine, dramatically surpasses alternatives and provides enterprises the best possible foundation for running applications.

By consolidating applications to Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud, enterprises will:

  • Accelerate the performance of Java applications by as much as 10X
  • Improve reliability and scalability beyond even the most mission-critical requirements
  • Reduce deployment effort by up to 95% and reduce costs by as much as 60%

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