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Oracle Optimized Solutions: Enterprise Solutions for Mission-Critical Environments

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Executive Summary

Businesses are working hard to keep up with changing market conditions and new customer demands, but the issues facing CIOs and technology managers today are not the same as they were 10-even 5-years ago. IT costs are rising: 70 to 80 percent of IT budgets today are spent on the operation and maintenance of existing systems, whose sporadic growth continues to drive up costs in terms of floor space and energy costs. You need more personnel with more-specialized experience to manage more machines which too often means more money and more downtime for your users. In addition, inconsistent data from too many siloed sources requires makeshift integrations that hinder your IT group's ability to support and manage legacy applications and get new capabilities and services into the hands of your users. Now is the time to get ahead of the pack and position your business for future success with Oracle Optimized Solutions. By understanding how information technology is changing, you can take advantage of the innovations and implement the solutions that can help you keep your current customers, attract new ones, and grow your bottom line. Oracle Optimized Solutions make it possible for you to address the demands of both customers and your business. With Oracle Optimized Solutions, you can lower your total cost of ownership (TCO), reduce risks for your users, and create an IT infrastructure that will make your users more productive and help your business respond faster to change. Maximize the value of your IT investment-from application to disk-with Oracle Optimized Solutions, best-of-breed software and hardware products engineered to work together as integrated solutions for your mission-critical IT systems.

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