Oracle WebCenter: Platform for In-Context, Next Generation Applications with Embedded Web 2.0 Services

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Executive Summary

As organizations continually reinvent themselves and strive for higher levels of efficiency and productivity, the demands on the information worker are constantly increasing. To meet these ever growing demands, the information worker needs a better, more productive work environment. This new environment must be role- and task- focused so that all elements of a task are provided directly in context for the user. Collaboration and communication tools must also be directly integrated into these task-oriented applications, because people rarely work in a vacuum and frequently need to work together to complete a given task. What's more, the work environment must go beyond the browser to include all of the desktop tools and mobile devices with which the user is familiar. And perhaps most importantly, the information worker must have the ability to tailor and evolve the environment based on their own preferences and the needs of their organization. Oracle WebCenter injects new capabilities into the standard JavaServer Faces development environment to allow developers to create context-rich applications that satisfy these needs. Oracle WebCenter also provides the natural user interaction environment for your SOA applications and allows you to leverage all types of services in creating a better, more effective user experience.

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