Outsourcing Your Infrastructure: Ten Points to Consider When Making the Move

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Executive Summary

Tighter budgets, understaffing, and increased demands to help grow the business and to meet higher service level guarantees are forcing many IT departments to rethink their infrastructure strategy.

One solution that helps in all of these areas is outsourcing. The advantage to offloading the servers and network to a service provider is that it frees up time so an organization's IT staff can work on tasks that deliver more value to the business.

However, the choice to outsource might be difficult to justify to corporate management. A 2007 Wall Street Journal article summed up the situation many IT managers face today. "The rapid growth of outsourcing over the past five years has discouraged many CEOs from developing competitive strategies that rely upon IT services provided by potentially unreliable external sources."

With corporate management having this mindset, IT managers today often need to make a strong case as to why they need to outsource and why a particular provider is the right choice. This paper examines the factors driving IT to outsource and discusses 10 points that will help make the case to upper management.

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