Overlay Multicast in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks Using Araneola

Date Added: Jan 2010
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Araneola, a system for scalable reliable multicast in dynamic wired network environments, exploits the good properties of random regular graphs (high connectivity and diameter that grows logarithmically with network size), to provide reliable, scalable and efficient message dissemination. The authors investigate the suitability of Araneola's probabilistic overlay creation and deterministic data dissemination mechanism in the wireless ad-hoc environment. Araneola relies on a membership view tracking mechanism. Existing partial view membership protocols for the wired networks do not adapt to the limited ad-hoc connectivity and do not efficiently utilize the resource constraint medium. Hence, the authors replace the LPB-like membership track algorithm with the route-driven view mechanism of a RuDimentary Gossip protocol (RDG), which associates a view with the route state of a reactive routing protocol.