Performance Anallysis of a TDM - FDM Tran Multiplexere Used in Communications Network

This paper discuses the performance analysis of a Time Division Multiplexer and Frequency Division (TDM- FDM) transmultiplexer. The digital TDM- FDM translator, which performs a direct translation between two multiplex formats in the telephone network by using digital techniques, has advantage in cost reduction, accuracy and stability characteristics over equivalent analogy equipments. A comparative study between the various transmultiplexer approaches intermes of number of multiplication is given. The noise performance of a transmultiplexer for group and super group codic is presented. Also, a procedure for specifying A/D and DA converters in terms of signal to total noise ratio is presented. The object of this paper is to develop a transmultiplexer structure which possesses two features: low computational requirements, and low quantization noise.

Provided by: EuroJournals Topic: Mobility Date Added: Apr 2011 Format: PDF

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