Performance Analysis of Distributed Cluster-Based MAC Protocol for Multiuser MIMO Wireless Networks

It is known that multiuser MIMO communication can enhance the performance of wireless networks. It can substantially increase the spectral efficiency of wireless networks by utilising multiuser interference rather than avoiding it. This paradigm shift has most impact on the Medium Access Control (MAC) protocol because most existing MAC protocols are designed to reduce the interference. In this paper, the authors propose a novel cluster-based carrier sense multiple access with collision avoidance (CB-CSMA/CA) scheme. The proposed scheme enables multiuser MIMO transmissions in WLANs by utilising the multiuser interference cancellation capability of the physical layer. In this paper, they focus on the performance analysis of CB-CSMA/CA. They investigate saturation throughput applying optimum back-off parameters and in the presence of synchronisation errors.

Provided by: ETH Zurich Topic: Mobility Date Added: Mar 2011 Format: PDF

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