Performance Analysis of Multi-User Multi Input Multi Output-Interleave-Division Multiple-Access System Employing Turbo Coding With Multi-User Detection Over Frequency-Selective Wireless Communication Channel

Code division multiple access system is the most widely used system for multi-user communications. But the performances of CDMA is limited by multiple access interference and inter symbol interference. With CDMA fading is circumvented by the use of inter-leavers placed between FEC and spreading. After the invention of joint Turbo type receivers, extensive studies have been made to mitigate MAI and ISI employing joint detection and decoding. But high complexity of optimal detection precludes its implementation for signal detection. The interleaves, which are primarily implemented for combating fading in CDMA system, can be employed to distinguished user signals.

Provided by: Science Publications Topic: Mobility Date Added: Feb 2011 Format: PDF

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