Performance Enhancement of Channel-Phase Precoded Ultra-Wideband (CPP-UWB) Systems by Rake Receivers

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Executive Summary

The authors propose to use the Rake receiver to improve the system performance by collecting more signal power in an Ultra-WideBand (UWB) system precoded by the channel phase information, called the CPP-UWB system, in this paper. The performance of the proposed system is determined by the selected channel taps and the corresponding combining schemes for those Rake fingers. Three combing schemes, i.e., the Maximum Ratio Combining (MRC), the Minimized Mean Square Error (MMSE) and the Zero-Forcing (ZF), are proposed. When the MRC scheme is applied to the Rake receiver with M fingers, M channel taps can be easily found to maximize the averaged signal power at the receiver output by exploiting the property of the channel-phase-precoded channel.

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