Performance Evaluation of OFDM Transceiver for BPSK & QAM Modulation Techniques

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WiMAX is introduced by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) which is designated by 802.16 to provide worldwide interoperability for microwave access. There are fixed (802.16d) and mobile (802.16e) WiMAX. The telecommunication industries insisted on new technology with high transmission abilities standardized by IEEE 802.16 also referred as WiMAX .It has two patterns fixed (802.16d-2004) and mobile (802.16d-2005) which are based on OFDM. This paper is about study and implementation of Convolutional coded WiMAX system comparing different modulation schemes such as BPSK and QAM. The performance has been concluded based on BER and SNR through MATLAB Simulation.