Performance Improvement of OFDM System Using CAZAC Sequence and Adaptive Pre-Distorter

Date Added: Sep 2009
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OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) communication system is very robust to the multiplex path interference, and its bandwidth efficiency is also very good for the design of the high speed communication system. However, high PAPR (Peak Average Power Ratio) is major drawbacks of OFDM system. In the nonlinear HPA (High Power Amplifier), the OFDM signal suffers serious nonlinear distortion and generally, this HPA is considered as memoryless device. So, combination of pre-distorter and CAZAC (Constant Amplitude Zero Auto-Correlation) matrix transform which has the autocorrelation characteristic and the regular power distribution both time domain and frequency domain are good solution to this high PAPR problem.