Performance Isolation and Fairness for Multi-Tenant Cloud Storage

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Executive Summary

Shared storage services enjoy wide adoption in commercial clouds. But most systems today provide weak performance isolation and fairness between tenants, if at all. Misbehaving or high-demand tenants can overload the shared service and disrupt other well-behaved tenants, leading to unpredictable performance and violating SLAs. This paper presents Pisces, a system for achieving datacenter-wide per-tenant performance isolation and fairness in shared key-value storage. Today's approaches for multi-tenant resource allocation are based either on per-VM allocations or hard rate limits that assume uniform workloads to achieve high utilization. Pisces achieves per-tenant weighted fair shares (or minimal rates) of the aggregate resources of the shared service, even when different tenants' partitions are co-located and when demand for different partitions is skewed, time-varying, or bottlenecked by different server resources.

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