Performance of the Space-Time Block Coded DS-CDMA Uplink Employing Soft-Output ACO-Aided Multiuser Space-Time Detection and Iterative Decoding

Date Added: Mar 2010
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In this paper, the authors propose a three-stage twin-transmit antenna assisted MultiUser (MU) Direct Sequence Code-Division Mulitple Access (DS-CDMA) system employing both a Unitary Rate Code (URC) and a Recursive Systematic Code (RSC) to carry out iterative turbo detection. A Space-Time Block Code (STBC) is used to provide second-order diversity gain in conjunction with a novel Soft-Output (SO) Ant-Colony Optimization (ACO) based Space-Time MultiUser Detection (ST/MUD) algorithm, which is capable of carrying out STBC decoding, while mitigating the MultiUser Interference (MUI) and generating the Log-Likelihood Ratios (LLR) for facilitating the iterative exchange of extrinsic information between the URC and RSC decoders of each user.