Planar Adaptive Router Microarchitecture for Tree-Based Multicast Network-on-Chip

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Executive Summary

Adaptive tree-based multicast routings for Networks-on-Chip (NoC) in a mesh planar router architecture are presented in this paper. Multicast packets are routed and scheduled in the NoC using a local Identity-based multiplexing technique with wormhole switching. The identity-tag attached to every flit allows different flits of different packets to be mixed in the same queue and enables to implement a fair flit-by-flit round arbitration to share communication links. Hence, deadlock in intermediate nodes as a main problem in the tree-based multicast routing can be handled efficiently and effectively. Some static and planar adaptive routing schemes are implemented to evaluate the impact of the routing algorithms over the NoC performance. The router prototypes have been also synthesized using 130-nm and 180-nm standard-cell technologies.

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