Point-to-Multipoint VLAN Path Signaling Demonstration on the GMPLS Controlled Ethernet Test Network

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Ethernet has greatly succeeded in Local Area Network (LAN). A simple forwarding scheme of Ethernet facilitated the development of high-speed and cost-effective Ethernet equipments. Ethernet is now expanding from LAN to Wide Area Network (WAN) as a carrier grade transport network. The carrier grade Ethernet will replace legacy transport network technologies such as SONET/SDH. To develop the carrier grade Ethernet, introducing a control plane technology which provides Traffic Engineering (TE) function is important. Generalized Multi-Protocol Label Switching (GMPLS) becomes a popular solution to provide control plane functionalities to the transport networks. For Ethernet WAN, IETF CCAMP is now standardizing "GMPLS controlled Ethernet Label Switching" (GELS).