Power Awareness in Network Design and Routing

Date Added: Oct 2009
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Increased scaling of bandwidth has been a prime driving force behind the growth and popularity of Internet. However, increase in various bandwidths has led to greater power consumption. Several sustained design efforts have been made to address power needs but significant technological challenges continue to exist and threaten the future growth of bandwidths. This paper discusses power and related heat management challenges surrounding modern day routers. The paper uses a broad approach to address this problem. This includes giving power awareness the status of the basic objective in network design and configuration. The paper also links it with the implementation of the design by the network protocols. The paper corroborates the arguments with a case study of two standard router platforms and their power demands. This enabled the author to design a generic model for power consumption by a router. The paper implements this model in sets of target network configurations. Further, mixed integer optimization tactics are used in investigating power consumption, performance and robustness of static network design and dynamic routing. The results imply the huge potential for power saving in operational networks with the inclusion of power-awareness.