PowerBuilder to Java (PB2J) Thin Client J2EE Migration

This paper describes MainTrend's solution for a successful PowerBuilder to Java Migration. MainTrend offers an automated conversion service that lifts PowerBuilder applications to Java/XML technologies while preserving business logic and user interface investments. The new architecture is a pure Thin Client ("Browser") solution with a J2EE/XML application and web server on the server side. For many years PowerBuilder was one of the most serious and robust Rapid Application Development tools for Client/Server and n-tier development. Reliable high-performance PowerBuilder applications are deployed worldwide. More and more, organizations are being urged to move their PowerBuilder applications to a modern thin-client environment. The migration target is a full thin client environment based on J2EE and AJAX methodologies. The new architecture is a pure thin client ("Browser") solution with a J2EE container and web server on the server side; the application is packed as a J2EE servlet running within a J2EE container; database access and some business logic are provided via J2EE components. All the Data Access Layer (DAL) and presentation layer (GUI) object definition XML files may also be stored on the central web server.The PB2J toolset uses a sophisticated concept of multi-level embedded parsers and template based code generators. This concept allows use of different parsers for different parts of the scripts and objects' types, and improves the conversion performance considerably.

Provided by: MainTrend Topic: Enterprise Software Date Added: Dec 2008 Format: PDF

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