Powering Through the Economy

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Executive Summary

Today's lean, more tightly?regulated economy and the ever?increasing importance of IT have many organizations caught in a bind. On one hand, reliable access to power is vital to keeping data centers operational, and the costs associated with loss of power can be devastating. On the other hand, IT departments are being asked to get more done with less money even as energy rates continue to rise.

Indeed, the cost of electricity is already outpacing the cost of hardware. According to The Green Grid, a non?profit organization focused on data centers globally, $1 million worth of servers purchased in 2009 will consume $1.2 million of electricity over a three?year lifespan. Moreover, servers in aggregate account for approximately two percent of US electricity usage. It's no surprise, then, that for many organizations electrical power now constitutes the largest component of total cost of ownership.

However, any organization can get past this predicament by tapping into a different kind of power?the power of returns on smart, strategic investments. This white paper explores five specific steps you can take to power your way through these difficult times.

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