Proposal of CSP Based Network Design and Construction

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Executive Summary

This paper presents a network router that has been designed for suitable use in SpaceWire network. The design is constructed on a formal technique employing Communicating Sequential Processes (CSP). CSP is a bit serial interconnection protocol which has been adopted by space wire. It helps in constructing an optimal network design for the space mission. It can also be used in generating a fault- tolerant system with the addition of duplicated network paths. For verification of the router performance, the authors implement it within a network along with many processors. The paper has been divided into two parts. The first section explains the CSP model (communicating sequential processes model). The latter half of the paper explains a crossbar switch example. Introductory concepts on the algebraic notation of CSP description have been enlisted in the beginning of section 2. In this paper the reason why CSP is used as the formal design method in the router network system has been discussed. This is accompanied with actual design and refinement procedure. Discussions emphasize the requirement of formal methods like CSP in constructing and developing a secure system like the devices employed in the SpaceWire network system.

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