Providing Internet Connectivity and QOS of Reactive and Proactive Protocols Using Gateway Discovery in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

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Executive Summary

Mobile Ad hoc NETwork (MANET) is a collection of nodes which are connected by wireless links. MANET is a self configuring network in which nodes are free to move. This paper used two ADHOC routing protocols i.e. reactive and proactive Protocols. In this paper, the authors have use only two categories Ad Hoc routing protocols AODV (Ad Hoc on demand routing protocol) that act as reactive protocol and DSDV (Destination Sequenced Distance Vector) act as a proactive protocol. Using AODV, The routes are created only when source wants to send data to destination. AODV builds and maintains routes that are needed to reduce overheads. A mobile node requests a route only when it needs one.

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